Resume Distribution In Singapore / Malaysia

Working in the Land of Opportunities

Are you on a job hunt in Singapore/Malaysia? Thousands are applying along with you to secure a job in the Southeast Asian financial hub and the fast growing Malaysia.

You may try every nook and cranny of job hunting by checking out classified ads, creating online resumes to apply at suitable jobs on online portals or registerwith recruitment agencies and yet end up with no worthy results, no interview calls.Wondering why you are losing out? Most companies do not advertise their job openings and would rather recruit from their existent databases. SOUQ jobs can give you the push you deserve by adding you up in the databases of several potential employers in Singapore/Malaysia.

If you are currently employed or just visiting Singapore/Malaysia and in search for a better job opportunity, or want to target Singapore/Malaysia job market from any other county, we can help you choose from multiple job offers from better places. If you are a foreigner in the country on social pass or an employment pass, you have limited time on you to find workbut still stand a chance to carveyour way in as SOUQ jobs’ CV distribution services can get you maximum exposure to land up at your desired job quickly.

SOUQ Jobs Services Can Inch You Closer to Success!

SOUQ jobs’ broad network connects you to the top recruiters across different industries of Singapore/Malaysia in a swift manner. We email and add your resume to the depository of thousands of potential employersin Singapore/Malaysia that automatically places you first for new job openings and vacancies in the open and hidden job market. All you have to do this just place an order for CV distribution in Singapore or Malaysia.

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