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A well-written and attractive resume is the first essential step towards impressing a potential employer to give you an interview call. Step two is to accelerate your job hunt through the distribution of your resume to thousands of relevant employers in city / country or industry of your choice through The greater the number of employers you resumes reaches out to, the greater are your chances of landing up on your dream job.

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  • Hunting down thousands of employers all by yourself and mailing each one of them is not only tiring but also fruitless. Resume spamming can only add to the stress of job hunting and hardly reaches HR personnel. Our resume distribution experts optimize your career search by marketing your resume with a comprehensive list of employers that are looking to hire your services.
  • Companies nowadays choose to rely on their databases for finding talented resources instead of paying recruitment agencies for the task. We add your resume to thousands of employer’s database so that you are considered for the latest job openings and even unadvertised positions.

CV Distribution Services can put you on ahead of several people finding the same job as you. Give your resume the exposure it deserves with Souq To ease off your worries, we offer budget friendly packages to get your resumes to the right hands in an array of job destinations around the world.

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